Thursday, June 13, 2013

NYPD Cops Beat Gay Man and Use Homophobic Slurs [VIDEO]

"NYPD Cops beat Gay Man..."

- What do you guys think of? This is crazy and I really don't want to get into this but it really drives me crazy so here I go. I have posted this video all over my social networks: twitter, facebook, tumblr, YouTube and everything. I just can't stand the fact that these are the people that we go to when we are abused, bullied or lost. This post is going to be focused solely on COPS and POLICE.

Cops and Polices are way ahead of themselves now a day. There is no real intelligence needed to attain a job as a Cop. I do not agree with this because if anybody can be a cop then who is really protecting us? I feel like there should be a superior aspect in the police force. These cops are so use to their working status but not work and this is unacceptable because they think they are allowed to do anything they want. This riddles me because the government allows this to happen. As you see in this video, the Cops do not surrender their badge # nor their names. Cops are no longer cooperative and more and more of them are becoming like the ones we see in this video.


Friday, June 7, 2013

New York City *NEW* Citi Bikes

Mayor Bloomberg has started a new system for transportation in New York City. Within the last 10 days there were over 100,000 riders. Unfortunately their are so many people riding these bikes without proper safety procedures. NYC cabbies and drivers are NOT necessarily classified as safe. Because this system did not come with helmets, Bloomberg has taken away the necessity to wear helmets while riding. The system is to pay, ride, park, done. Now before I give you the pricing I want you to comment below is this a good thing in a crowded, rambunctious city. Okay done? Well, there are two ways to pay. 1. Become an annual member ($95 + TAX) or 2. 24-Hour ($9.95 + TAX) / 7-Day Pass ($25 + Tax)  - Each trip for Annual Members is 45 minute trips and for the 24/7 is 30 minute trips.

Before we end, you guessed it! They have overtime Fees. Now that you're done please comment below again and tell me if this is what the city needs? (= Have a nice day!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Last Days: Meet Zach Sobeich

My Last Days: Meet Zach Sobeich 
What's up friends? Just one random day my brother sends me a bunch of videos that made him cry. We don't have a sentimental side in our life so I guess this was special. This is a post im going to keep up on the front page because it really struck my heart, if you can say. Soulpancake youtube channel recorded Zach Sobiech's last days. Zach Sobiech's illness was hinted when he was complaining to his mom about an ill hip (after running). He uses music to express his last words! (CLOUD- Zach Sobeic) ! I hope you guys take the time out to watch this video (link below) ! And Raise awareness for this cancer. Thanks.   [May 26, 2013]
Height Adjusting Desk!

The VertDesk™ Electric Adjustable Height Desk with Push Button Height Adjustment 
Have you ever wanted a desk where you could stand and sit at? Not at the same time ofcourse! 
Anyways, this cool new desk by VertDesk can adjust itself both down and up electrically! They come
in a few colors, basic and solid. Well, it is easy to the eye huh! Okay enough chit-chat, heres the
                                     -Jesse Fung []


LIFE HACKS: Here's two.
Okay, let's start with what is life hacks? These aren't like the game hacks you see okay. This is like hacks for real life real life! No aimbot, invincible etc. ! These hacks will save your life. Well, not that serious but almost. Let's get started:

1. BAGEL TOTE- wait what is a bagel tote?
Bagel Tote is a tote for your bagel. WHAA? It holds your bagel almost perfectly so it say hello when you open it at work or at school. Not the type of bagels that are wrinkled and say hey im old, thanks for taking your time.  (Don't look at the picture cause we know thats an old bagel definitely) 

2. KNOTS? I hate knots do you hate knots?
Okay so if you ever have a knot that is so tight and you're wondering why you hate life? Haha well you can twist the little handle as seen on the left! Then push! Viola. 
This is the quickest but most useful tip because I felt so good when I finally proved my
uncle wrong! I knew I would be smarter than him one day (': ! Okay all jokes aside

-Jesse Fung []


TARO PIE? Go home, Mcdonalds you're drunk! 

Have you guys ever seen real flavors at Mcdonalds? Well here it is! Pineapple pie and Taro pie <- ! This McDonalds' is located in China! I am from America and I did not know these existed! There are so many more flavors in the pie and the drinks than in United States. You thought America was the large mickey Dees industry! But nope, this is where the real McDonalds at haha! The drinks are even more exotic! There are pineapple drinks, strawbery, lemon and all these other coca cola drinks haha. No longer the simple coke, sprite and mountain dew etc. One last thing! Believe it or not but the food here is actually cheaper! 

2014 Acura MDX

Acura decides to change the MDX this year, instead of just adding a few changes. Is this necessarily good? One thing that is definitely noticeably different is that Acura has been implementing LED lights all over the headlights on this MDX and the 2014 RDX. But is the 2014 Acura MDX really worth the wait? Well by specs the 2014 MDX is longer by only 2 inches. Is another year really worth 2 inches? The drivetrain will stay a 6 Liter. Other competitions would be: Bmw X5, Lexus Gx, Audi Q7